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Awakening The Primordial Spirit Of Rebellion:


 Welcome one and all to the Wu Wei Café:

This video podcast is the first edition of a series.

This series of discussions will take a critical and in depth look at Revolution and Rebellion. We begin the series with special guest :

James Corbett of the The Corbett Report.

 Revolution and rebellion are very much a part of our current international discourse these days as millions recognize that we are witnessing a surge in authoritarian regimes. As well, many realize that the centuries old dream of the power elite to establish a global fascist corporatism threatens to become a reality. It's been over 300 years since the age of enlightenment inspired the great revolutions of the 18th century and we still face a psychotic power hungry elite pushing for full spectrum dominance.

 It seems to me that, more importantly than trying to understand the mechanics of rebellion and revolution, we should first try to understand how throughout history they have been infiltrated, ambushed and obstructed.

 Therefore the goal of this series is to discover and define how the primary impulses of our rebellious spirit and longing for freedom can be diverted and rechanneled. How our drive, passion and dedication is being extinguished.

 If we truly want to break free from these perennial cycles of tyranny then we must discover how to achieve a genuine permutation to the balance of power. We must learn how the raw energy of our revolutions and social movements is being siphoned off. How the force of our passion and the spirit of our rebellion is bled dry.

 If any revolutionary movement ever wishes to be successful then it will have to learn from the countless failures in our history. Especially the failures that many have been made to believe were actually victories.  This is the wicked conundrum we all face, we are trying to learn from falsified and obscured histories. While many believe that revolutions do bring about radical change and freedom from inequality, historically even after the eventual overthrow and political reorganization occurs the power elite most responsible for tyranny remains in place.

As it was said by the German poet, playwright, scientist and statesman Johann Wolfgang von Goethe:

        "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free".

"Niemand ist mehr Sklave, als der sich für frei hält, ohne es zu sein".

 In order to instigate action we must first find a way to inspire a dominated and suppressed population to rise up against their fear and ingrained acquiescence. Before a subservient population can ever attain the momentum of a true revolutionary movement they must first override their programmed obedience and awaken within themselves the courageous spirit of rebellion.

 "Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man's original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion".

Oscar Wilde

 What is the primordial spirit of rebellion?

 It is a ferocious and absolute refusal to be dominated. No acquiescence, no appeasement just pure immovable resistance. The passionate fire of our primordial spirit.

 We humans had this fire within us ages ago before we became pacified and domesticated. Ever since we gave in to domestication we gradually lost this essential impulse for freedom. We're at the point now that most wouldn't even recognize the feeling if it came to them. We must re-wild ourselves if we ever wish to revive the pure will power necessary to live free.

 I'm certainly not suggesting that we need to become savage and barbaric to be wild. There is no reason we can't be civilized and intelligent with a refined and cultured aesthetic. What I mean when I say "wild" is authentic, original, natural, untamed and true.

 Freedom means freedom it's that simple. I am now and always have been and will be free. My liberty can be granted or revoked by force but no power on earth can ever sever me from my freedom.

  My freedom is primordial and essential. It comes from the natural order of all life. It has a protective energy like the body's immune system. That protective energy, my freedom's immune system, is what I call our "Primordial Spirit Of Rebellion".

Friday, August 9, 2013

Resistance Is NOT Futile


Resistance Is NOT Futile

  This video blog is my own experiment in memetic engineering.
Through meme-splicing and memetic synthesis I'm coining the phrases "Weaponized Memetic Viruses" (WMVs) and "Irrational Intellectual Cowardice Syndrome" (IICS) with the express intent of creating an engineered memetic anti-virus vaccine.

 This counter psy-op research project is designed to find ways to directly take energy away from the machinations of nefarious social engineers. This particular memetic anti-virus is specifically designed to globally boost human cognitive immune systems.

 By sharing this video with others you can help me in attempting to cure the global pandemic of Irrational Intellectual Cowardice Syndrome (IICS). Memetic anti-virus vaccines are showing considerable promise in treatments used against a variety of conditions, including  Groupthink, Hive Mind, Consensus Reality Disorder and other depersonalization and self-stereotyping social psychological disorders.

 Together we can turn the tide away from a global pandemic of IICS and encourage a new paradigm of Intellectual Bravery and Cognitive Sovereignty for all.

Full transcript for the Resistance Is NOT Futile video:

 I’m writing this in the spirit of public service; this is a mental health warning as well as a call to arms. Humanity is facing an intellectual crisis of truly pandemic proportions and it poses a direct threat to the positive evolution of human consciousness.

 We are under attack by a nefarious and hidden enemy. In fact a secret war has been raging all around us and yet most of us remain completely unaware. The enemy’s strategy has been a centuries long covert war of attrition and the campaign of conquest is for your mind. Their attack is aimed at the human intelligence, the very heart of what defines us as human beings. This cloaked offensive has been embedded into the very structure of civilization. Unfortunately, the diabolic adversary I’m attempting to expose is too nebulous to be named. Command and control of their forces is directed by a shadowy cabal of social engineers, or more accurately termed, social alchemists. Their grand strategy is to control and shape humanity to suit their own self-serving needs and vile purpose.

 The twisted conundrum we all face is that the soldiery of their forces is made up of the same members of society they seek to control. Politicians, media moguls, administrators and business leaders, public educators and the bourgeoisie all fall in line to hypnotically serve these hidden puppeteers. People just like you and me have been trained and duped into doing their bidding. Fools and useful idiots, all tricked into perpetuating their schemes. Subjected to the institutionalized suppression of cognitive freedom, the people have unwittingly become the agency of their own domination.

   Cultivating wide spread intellectual cowardice is one of the most affective ways of keeping an entire population ignorant. Not only will the subjugated not question the machinations of the social alchemists they are too afraid to even contemplate their existence. To do this the enemy is continually pursuing the development of new mind control technologies employing a broad spectrum of the science and social engineering research communities. They’re developing radically new technologies and capabilities like, advanced weaponized memetic viruses (WMVs).

  These types of viral memes directly attack cognitive processes and are believed to be one of the leading causes of Irrational Intellectual Cowardice Syndrome (IICS). At the moment it’s not clear to researchers if the WMVs are a direct cause of IICS or if they just increase one’s susceptibility by impairing natural autonomous cognition.

 Other risk factors that can lead to the development of IICS include academic impotence, conceptual dysfunction, penitentiary pedagogy and institutionalized education trauma. Risk factors involving parenting include parental rejection, lack of parental warmth, patronizing superiority and harsh pseudo-intellectualism.

 Utilizing all forms of media as a vector, rampant and contagious WMVs have been released through newspapers, radio, television, magazines, movies and especially the internet. Using the mainstream mass media, as well as, alternative media the worst attacks have been in the Americas and across Europe. Due to the widespread use of WMVs experts believe IICS has the potential to reach pandemic proportions.

 One of the most recognizable and common symptoms of IICS is the paranoid tendency to shun any new or controversial idea. Especially alternate views of history and theoretical social-scientific analysis of institutionalized oppression (often referred to as “conspiracy theory”). People who exhibit symptoms of IICS have difficulty recognizing the obvious and unmistakable pernicious influences that propel countless political, financial and religious agendas. They have trouble processing information and will typically shrink away from clearly incontrovertible evidence only to cower in the comfort and protection of a well defined consensus reality.

Here is an easy test, that you can self administer, to tell whether or not you are exhibiting any symptoms of Irrational Intellectual Cowardice Syndrome.

 Ask yourself this question:

“How do I feel about the term conspiracy theorist”?

 If you had the typical contemptuous reaction caused by the social pariahdom of the term “conspiracy theorist” then you are most certainly suffering from a severe case of IICS. The same test can be done using any other typically taboo topic like UFOs, chemtrails, cryptocracy, new world order, mind control, Bavarian Illuminati or the alien agenda. If these topics make you roll your eyes and puff up with arrogance and insolent dismissiveness then you’re exhibiting the unmistakable symptom of attempting to mask your intellectual insecurity. If these words and phrases inspired your curiosity, amusement or even a neutral stance of objectivity then you can rest assured you’re most likely not afflicted.

 Once a WMV has been ingested or taken into consideration, if one does not have a natural immunity, the infectious memetic pathogens can invade the host. They are specifically designed to target our capacity for critical thinking, suppressing our ability to think independently and rationally. These memetic pathogens are believed to somehow affect the area of the brain known as the lateral orbitofrontal cortex. Scientists have found that the size of the lateral orbitofrontal cortex, which is located behind the eyes, could be responsible for how much we change our minds to fit in with a crowd. A study lead by neuroscientists at University College London used brain scans to show that the extent to which people changed their minds to fit in with the crowd was directly linked to the size of this specific area of their brains. Those with a higher volume of grey matter in this particular region showed a greater tendency to conform.

 This has led to some very disturbing hypothesis by scientists working to contain this threat. It may just be that this war on consciousness has been waged over the millennia with the express purpose to induce genetic variations that form over successive generations. By this kind of covert eugenics they may have caused a deliberately chosen trait or combination of traits to appear, engendering the increased size of the lateral orbitofrontal cortex. If this is true then the road to freedom from their evil plans of domination will be a very long road indeed. Anyone who values the freedom to think for themselves and to have full ownership of their own consciousness must join the resistance immediately. 

Resistance is NOT futile!

 Remember, for a healthy mind it’s vitally important to stay positive. If you have been infected by a WMV don't blame yourself, it really is not your fault. The first thing you need to realize is that these memetic weapons have been intentionally released on the public by a heinous cabal of dark wizards. For centuries their international network of social alchemist have been working to make the people more controllable and compliant. It’s not only that these memetic viruses are highly contagious, what makes them so dangerous is that the general population has been deliberately conditioned to be susceptible to all varieties of mental pathogens. Neurotoxins in food additives, fluoride in the water, constant television and propaganda campaigns all are being used to paralyze people’s cognitive immune systems and soften their minds. The chemical dumbing down of the masses has been successfully used to create a complacent, mentally pliable and submissive population.

 There is no way of really knowing when the development and use of mind control technologies began. Although we know for certain that it became institutionalized toward the end of the 19th century. Realizing that to fundamentally change human behavior they needed to focus on the children from the earliest age possible. Utilizing a Prussian system of compulsory education, schools evolved into experimental behavioral training laboratories. By the 20th century the Prussian reforms in education spread quickly refining and perfecting social engineering technologies. These days by the time one leaves school their autonomous cognitive abilities have been so seriously damaged their minds are highly susceptible to control technologies of all kinds.

  It is interesting to note that Richard Dawkins, an English ethologist, evolutionary biologist and author who coined the word “meme”, as it is used today, is himself exhibiting the classic symptoms of IICS. This makes his case a very interesting study indeed. He is certainly not alone in that regard as this cognitive pestilence is systemic throughout academia and especially within the sciences. It is believed by some that ancient societies of nefarious alchemists founded and built the universities in order to clandestinely seed the roots of their pernicious influence. If this is the case then it would explain why ironically those that professes a love of reason and science continually hide behind dogmatic rhetoric and avoid any real scientific dialog and evidence. Relying on straw man tactics and logical fallacies they continually evade real debate only to preach their pseudoscientific fundamentalist opinions. These are the unmistakable symptoms of chronic IICS.

 I’m sure this all sounds dire and hopeless but really there is no need to worry, I’m not attempting to spread fear and panic. Memetic viral infections are curable. Although, it's not easy and it can be a long and difficult process. There are many of us that are fortunate enough to have a natural immunity to the disease and we are working together to create a vaccine. Although at the moment there doesn't seem to be any easy answers.

 The preventative medicine approach has been proven to be the most beneficial. Although, for the older patients the process is more difficult and can take more time. One such treatment that is producing significant benefits is called Holistic Cognitive Sovereignty Therapy™. HCST treatments usually involve some combination of herbal medications, Cognitive Sovereignty Yoga™, lifestyle changes, and counseling. These treatments can be very effective especially if started in the early stages of infection. A lifetime proactive protocol can be set up and if the patient sticks with the program then a serious relapse can be avoided. A qualified HCST practitioner can be found online or by contacting our Cognitive Sovereignty Support Group here at the Wu Wei Café.

If you are having trouble believing what I am writing to then you may indeed already be infected. Although paradoxically, it may also mean that you may be one of the naturally immune. The fact that you are skeptical is a good sign your cognition may not be impaired. The veritas of my warning, the truth of this grave threat, this is for you to decide.

 The truth is that we don’t have to be victims.
 With proper training we can learn to think for ourselves.

If you are familiar with the philosophical school of Guerrilla Ontology then you‘ll be clued into my inspiration for this satirical and obliquely veridical blog. Consider this your first lesson (free of charge) in Cognitive Sovereignty Yoga™.

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe is as good as dead, his eyes are closed.”
 - Albert Einstein


meme  (mm)


A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another.

[Shortening (modeled on gene) of mimeme, from Greek mimma, something imitated, from mimeisthai, to imitate; see mimesis.]


memetic engineering:



    The process of developing memes, through meme-splicing and memetic synthesis, with the intent of altering the behavior of others in society or humanity.

    The process of creating and developing theories or ideologies based on an analytical study of societies, cultures, their ways of thinking and the evolution of their minds.

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Episode-02: Conscious Mutation Rather Than Nuclear Victimization


This is a short podcast about the immense dangers and tragedies that we now face here on this beautiful blue green planet. I offer perspectives that might help while thinking about the dire situations that we all now live with.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The answerer is quite often “all of the above”.

Lane’s razor:
 Given that there are infinite probabilities for every finite possibility throughout the omniverse, a most likely answer to any multiple choice question will quite often be...

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My heart is breaking for Japan

The terribly sad and catastrophic disaster in Japan has not been getting any better. In fact, things are only getting horribly worse.