Sunday, February 20, 2011

We Are All Magicians

We are all magical beings using our super natural abilities to magically create a world of normalcy. We're all psychic, telekinetic, telepathic and multidimensional.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Welcome to the Wu Wei.

  As a seeker wondering way outside of the box searching for answers, you’ve undoubtedly come across a very wide range of diverse ideas about the nature of reality and existence. This blog will attempt to add to that diversity and to present some very interesting and mind expanding ontological content for you to ponder.  This blog and podcast is part of my contribution to the noösphere, my personal upload to the human morphic resonance data base.
   The fact that you have found your way here, through the seeming chaos of the world wide web, can only mean one of two things. You’ve either chanced upon my humble abode guided by the mystical forces of synchronism and quantum causality or you are a truly adventurous psychonaut navigating transcendental noöspheric currents seeking something new to think about.
 Either way the fact that you are here is no accident. For there are no accidents within this self-organizing pandimensional omniverse.
  Many of you will think that this is crazy talk. Obviously to any sane observer everywhere one looks there are accidents of every description. Clearly there is an abundance of chaos throughout this haphazard universe. Many even argue that the preponderance of all that exists emerged from a state of total chaos.
  I will argue, that if one is able to see past the seductive allure of Maya then one may catch a glimpse of the sublime, exquisite and infinite beauty of the organized coherent fabric of the omniverse.
  This is simply a paradox of observation. The act of seeing is in itself an act of not seeing. Only when one can see without seeing, can one look deeply into the mysteries of reality. As Jiddu Krishnamurti often said, “Only by eliminating the space between the observer and the observed” can one actually witness reality.

    What appears as accidents are only variables of coherency, systems in the process of ordering and disordering, assembling and disassembling. These actions and reactions are the unfathomable intricacies of the intentions of the self aware infinite fabric of the omniverse.
  The limitless intelligence of this alive and conscious fabric is impossible for the incarnate human consciousness to truly comprehend. We can see and feel its presence, we can experience its affect on our lives. Yet to actually intellectually grasp it, this is not possible.
As Buckminster Fuller would say:
 “The Universe consists of non-simultaneously apprehended events.” As quoted by Robert Anton Wilson in Maybe Logic - The Lives and Ideas of Robert Anton Wilson (2003)
  Perhaps if I explain my perception of time I might be able to explain what I mean by that statement. What follows will either sound like a plausible theory of time or confirm your suspicions that I’m completely nuts. Either way you’ll have some idea as to how my mind works. From this first blog you should be able to get a good idea of what to expect from the future post of the WU Wei Café.


We are all time travelers:

 Most of our human scientists still think of physics as physical, as quantum mechanics. The problem I  see with this is right there in the name “mechanics”. The omniverse is anything but mechanical it’s very much alive, flowing and continually in motion. Every single moment is unique and unrepeatable. The omniverse is in a constant state of creation, forever in a perpetual state of becoming. It can never be apprehended or contained, conquered or synthesized.
  Scientist will be forever bewildered by the omniverse as long as they see it as predictable and mechanical. Until they experience it, as it is, conscious, alive and intelligent. This  beautifully elegant undivided omniverse is responsive, self ordering and self healing. It is 100% of the time maintaining its coherency. This is the reason that true understanding has eluded human scientist for thousands of years and will continue to elude them for thousands of years to come.  

  Time, matter, gravity, these are all variable, they are field effects of the primary substance.
   Time is not as we typically think. Time is not linear. Time is our perception of the movement of consciousness as we perceive it in intervals. One way to say it is that there is only one time at a time and every time is the present time. Past and future are not fixed, they are field effects caused by our movement through space time.

  The future is pure potential. The closer it is to the present moment the more coherent and probable the potential. The further away it is the less focused and amorphous it becomes. Even the present time is never actually fixed. As the future becomes the present it only appears fixed relative to our perception, yet it always remains fluid and fluctuating. The past is just an echo in space time, like the wake left by the passage of a boat.

  Our boat is the present moment, the now. And just as the wake of a boat spreads out across the surface of the water, so does the past. It then dissipates into the fabric of space time after we have gone. Like an echo that drifts off into the background until it is eventually absorbed back into the infinite space of the omniverse.

  The present time (the only time) is pandimensional and infinite. The only way we can understand time is to expand our vision and contemplate the probabilities of quantum causality. Anything that is real only becomes a something for an instant, this flicker is the moment of time we call, “Now”. The future becomes our reality only for this instant. The paradox of all this movement is that the  present moment is an infinite stillness, a single minute particle of space time. The singularity of the Now.

  The future is continually pushed forward by our momentum like water is pushed forward by the bow of a boat. The past is the wake we leave dragging behind our boat. The boat is our relative perception of the present moment. Space time is pure consciousness, we are pure consciousness, the omniverse is pure consciousness. This, .... us, ... it, .. them.... The primary substance is one, infinite, pure and undivided consciousness.

  The reason most of us are confused about time is that we rarely, if ever, experience anything within the singularity of the Now. The infinite stillness of the singularity of space time is a very difficult thing to experience. It takes an incredibly focused mind and exceptional skills of concentration.

  Most of us spend our time swirling around in the churn of our wake or tossing about in the wash of our bow. Dwelling on what we did or didn’t do in the past or looking forward wondering what might be approaching us in the future. Continually tossing about in the wash of unrealized probabilities or being dragged behind in the chaotic swirling turbulence of our wake in space time. Is it any wonder we are so confused about the nature of our reality ?

   Most of us have never even seen the present moment. Our wondrous brain complies a sort of synopsis of the moment then creates an instant replay for us at a personalized bit rate that we can comprehend. We all exist it seems as time travelers. Although, more accurately, most of us are just drifting about in time space not really traveling anywhere.

 Navigating the labyrinthine probabilities of space time is very complex. But I believe it is possible if one can acquire the powers of concentration that would be necessary to do so.