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We Are All Magicians

We are all magical beings using our super natural abilities to magically create a world of normalcy. We're all psychic, telekinetic, telepathic and multidimensional.

We are all magical beings and we use these powers everyday in everything that we do. So why does the world seem to be such a non-magical place? Because we use these amazing powers and abilities to magically manifest normalcy. We are safely withdrawn into a mundane world of predictable boundaries and limits. 

  For hundreds of years scientists around the world have been studying the brain trying to wrap their heads around the complex biochemical and bioelectric systems that make up the visible and measurable functions and behavior of the brain. In this post I’m suggesting that a monumental flaw exists in the cognizance of many of today’s scientists.
Without recognizing this flaw realizing their ambitions to understand the cognitive science of the mind cannot be attained.   

  The missing factor in the equation is that the totality of the brain’s functions cannot be found by looking only within the brain. A huge percentage of the brain’s function is to act as an interface with invisible and non-local information fields. This means that a huge percentage of what the brain is actually doing can never observed simply by studying brain activity. Techniques like Magnetic Resonance Imaging or Electroencephalography (EEG) can never record any nonlocal activity. Scientists can only monitor the receiving or sending of a transmission. This is just half of the story. You can imagine the futility of trying to decipher a one sided communication.
  Imagine if you were trying to analyze all the of functions of your computer. You proceed by mapping all of the intricate electronic interactions and relationships within the computer. But what if you had no idea that your computer was actually connected to the internet. Let’s say that not only did you not know that your computer was connected to the internet but say you didn’t even believe it was possible to do something like that. Now you are interpreting all of these signals and interactions within your computer and believing they are all happening within the boundaries of that computer. All of the information that is coming and going from the internet is now invisible or appears to be mysterious. You might imagine that if you just study the computer longer, until you’ve mapped all of the interactions, eventually you’ll be able to understand what is happening within your computer. The fact is though that until you realize that there is a nonlocal source of data and memory storage you’ll never be able to really comprehend what is happening within your computer.

  This is the predicament of modern cognitive science. This disconnect in our understanding cuts across multiple areas of study and has implications for psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, systems theory, linguistics, anthropology, artificial intelligence, you name it, is all missing out on this point. This one point that connects to all things throughout the omniverse.

  We can see lots of evidence for invisible realms of interconnectivity and nonlocality in the science of quantum physics. Like quantum superposition, quantum entanglement.
  Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, a well known English biochemist and plant physiologist, has studied the invisible and non-local information fields and coined the term Morphic Resonance. Dr. Sheldrake named these non-local information fields, Morphic Fields.

  Why your brain is a quantum computer
“Your brain is the command center that directs the flow of the precise, highly coordinated information crucial to your body’s genetic, chemical, and physiological processes. These processes are based on the interaction of molecules and atoms, and subatomic particles. Though in large part biochemical, these processes have a significant nonlocal component as well. By “nonlocal,” I refer to the finding in physics that particles once connected retain their connection and influence upon each other even at a distance—they are said to remain “entangled.”
The particles and atoms in your body are “entangled” with each other: they receive and transmit information not just by biochemical means, but by the remarkable process known in quantum physics as “phase-conjugate quantum resonance.” Phase-conjugate quantum resonance is a term used by physicists that means that the particles are “non-locally entangled.” It is thanks to the existence of this ultrafast, ultrasubtle, but enormously efficient way of transmitting information that your body can be alive, and stay alive.
What’s revealed at the leading edge of quantum physics and quantum biology is that your body is not just a biochemical system: it’s also a “macroscopic quantum system.” Quantum systems were believed to exist only at the submicroscopic level, where quanta are in the state known as “coherent,” which means that they are able to get into synch with each other.
Interactions at ordinary dimensions and temperatures were believed to destroy their coherence: they render macroscale bodies “decoherent.” In other words, it was believed that once these quanta assembled themselves into particles, atoms, molecules, cells, and ultimately complex systems like the human body, the relationships that existed between these building blocks ceased to operate according to the same laws of physics or to function in the same manner as they did on the submicroscopic level. Instead of continuing their non-local dance of coherence, they ceased to be in this astonishingly close kind of relationship and went largely their separate ways.

But this is not entirely the case. Some theories claim that specifically organized networks of quanta—for example, networks where the particles are “woven” or “braided”—are sufficiently robust to maintain quantum coherence at macroscopic dimensions and ordinary temperatures. In other words, the dance continues even when the particles are organized into larger systems like a human brain or body.
This makes sense because living systems exhibit highly and until recently inexplicably coherent behavior. Their cells and organs resonate in phase, and the entire living organism seems to obey one encompassing “macroscopic wave-function.” In other words, instead of functioning like a bunch of cells and chemicals each doing their own thing unaware of each other, all the biochemical and bioelectric dance in superb coordination acts like a giant wave which moves and flows as one, despite the many individual droplets that are within it.”  by Ervin Laszlo on March 6, 2010

   Looking beyond the bodies and systems of single organisms, this highly coherent behavior can be observed on every level of macrocosmic and microcosmic systems.
The brain will never be fully understood while it is seen as only an individual biochemical and bioelectric system.

  To really understand the fullness of the mind not only must we think of the brain’s relationship with non-local information fields but also with the other neural networks in the human body. Your heart has its own nervous system. The heart’s neural network is a very significant element to consciousness. It is not simply a poetic metaphor to speak of thinking from the heart.

Research has revealed that the heart is not just a mechanical pump it also has elaborate neuronal processing and memory capabilities. The heart’s extensive intrinsic nervous system qualifies as a “heart brain”. The heart brain can process information and make decisions independent of the central nervous system. The heart is also an endocrine gland, producing many of the same hormones produced in and used by the brain. These studies have sprouted a new branch of neuroscience called "neurocardiology".

  We can see the physical systems that make up our bodies and the vast biological systems and interwoven relationships that create life on earth. Yet, there is an endless interconnected field that connects to all things throughout the omniverse via an invisible and immeasurably intelligent field. What some call the plenum field.

  This is Anaximander's apeiron, an infinite, boundless and ageless source from which everything we can perceive is derived. Everything is generated from within the apeiron plenum and is then returned.

 So we see there is a lot of very good research happening to understand our multidimensional reality. It is no longer possible to think of ourselves as independent separate organisms simply functioning bio-mechanically. We are highly complex multidimensional bioelectric beings intricately interwoven within the omniversal unified field.

  Our thoughts, our subtle electric bodies, macro and microscopic systems are all exchanging information with the greater information fields in a constant feedback system. Constantly informing the field as the field simultaneously informs us.

I discussed this information feedback loop with Nassim Haramein in expedition# 14 of the Chronicles of the Psychonautilus.
In my opinion Haramein’s unified field theory best explains this information feedback loop with the apeiron plenum. He calls this plenum the vacuum state or the vacuum energy because this is the common terminology used by physicist. But as we discussed on my podcast it is more accurately described as the plenum field as it is most certainly not empty. It is the exact opposite of empty as nothing could be more full than that which is infinitely full. These shows may be hard to download as the podcast has maximized its bandwidth. But I will soon upload them to the Internet Archives and make them also available on You Tube.

   So the cool thing is, none of us need to learn how to do this. Every one of us is doing this 100% of the time. Every one of us is psychic, telekinetic, telepathic, transdimensional magical beings and we are using these powers everyday in everything that we do. The thing that we need to do is learn how to see it. Learn how to sense this is what we are doing. It’s all happening on very, very subtle levels of existence. Happening 100% of the time, no matter what we do it is the way that we are. We couldn’t be here any other way. Simply waving your hand through the air is telekinesis.
  telekinesis |ˌteləkiˈnēsis|
 (the supposed ability to move objects at a distance by mental power or other nonphysical means.)

 That is exactly what you are doing. Moving by mental power and by nonphysical means. Every step you take, all movement in reality is nonphysical the entire omniverse in essence is nonphysical. Seeing, touching, feeling these are all powers of the mind every one of the five senses is a psychic ability. The thing is when most people are seeing, touching, feeling, they are doing theses things with a very small percentage of their natural ability. Seeing with this small percentage of our ability we can see trees and flowers. Seeing with a higher percentage of our ability we can see the subtle energy bodies.
  If we just learn to refine and focus our perceptions to become aware of the subtle energy fields, the invisible and subtle frequencies of vibration that the material world emerges from. We will realize that we’ve been doing it all along and were never aware of it. Walking down the street is teleportation. We are just doing it the slow way. The density of our perceptions makes it appear as physical. And, yes, if you run into this density it can sure hurt. I know I’ve smashed into a lot density before (riding a motorcycle can give you this opportunity). But I have also learned that if I release my hold on that very same density, then the impact is not so hard. Its just a matter of how comfortable you are with letting go. The density of matter is variable, it’s a sliding scale of resolutions.

   We hold on to our limits and our choice of density resolution based on what we are most comfortable with.

 Transparency can be very frighting the first couple of times. It can feel like you are losing yourself. But you’re not losing anything but a preconceived notion of what you thought you were. 

    Surely we can learn to use the subtle plenum field consciously. Now that we know where to look. Learning how to look is what I will go into in my next post. 

invisible energy fields are everywhere

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