Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Awakening The Primordial Spirit Of Rebellion:


 Welcome one and all to the Wu Wei Café:

This video podcast is the first edition of a series.

This series of discussions will take a critical and in depth look at Revolution and Rebellion. We begin the series with special guest :

James Corbett of the The Corbett Report.

 Revolution and rebellion are very much a part of our current international discourse these days as millions recognize that we are witnessing a surge in authoritarian regimes. As well, many realize that the centuries old dream of the power elite to establish a global fascist corporatism threatens to become a reality. It's been over 300 years since the age of enlightenment inspired the great revolutions of the 18th century and we still face a psychotic power hungry elite pushing for full spectrum dominance.

 It seems to me that, more importantly than trying to understand the mechanics of rebellion and revolution, we should first try to understand how throughout history they have been infiltrated, ambushed and obstructed.

 Therefore the goal of this series is to discover and define how the primary impulses of our rebellious spirit and longing for freedom can be diverted and rechanneled. How our drive, passion and dedication is being extinguished.

 If we truly want to break free from these perennial cycles of tyranny then we must discover how to achieve a genuine permutation to the balance of power. We must learn how the raw energy of our revolutions and social movements is being siphoned off. How the force of our passion and the spirit of our rebellion is bled dry.

 If any revolutionary movement ever wishes to be successful then it will have to learn from the countless failures in our history. Especially the failures that many have been made to believe were actually victories.  This is the wicked conundrum we all face, we are trying to learn from falsified and obscured histories. While many believe that revolutions do bring about radical change and freedom from inequality, historically even after the eventual overthrow and political reorganization occurs the power elite most responsible for tyranny remains in place.

As it was said by the German poet, playwright, scientist and statesman Johann Wolfgang von Goethe:

        "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free".

"Niemand ist mehr Sklave, als der sich für frei hält, ohne es zu sein".

 In order to instigate action we must first find a way to inspire a dominated and suppressed population to rise up against their fear and ingrained acquiescence. Before a subservient population can ever attain the momentum of a true revolutionary movement they must first override their programmed obedience and awaken within themselves the courageous spirit of rebellion.

 "Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man's original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion".

Oscar Wilde

 What is the primordial spirit of rebellion?

 It is a ferocious and absolute refusal to be dominated. No acquiescence, no appeasement just pure immovable resistance. The passionate fire of our primordial spirit.

 We humans had this fire within us ages ago before we became pacified and domesticated. Ever since we gave in to domestication we gradually lost this essential impulse for freedom. We're at the point now that most wouldn't even recognize the feeling if it came to them. We must re-wild ourselves if we ever wish to revive the pure will power necessary to live free.

 I'm certainly not suggesting that we need to become savage and barbaric to be wild. There is no reason we can't be civilized and intelligent with a refined and cultured aesthetic. What I mean when I say "wild" is authentic, original, natural, untamed and true.

 Freedom means freedom it's that simple. I am now and always have been and will be free. My liberty can be granted or revoked by force but no power on earth can ever sever me from my freedom.

  My freedom is primordial and essential. It comes from the natural order of all life. It has a protective energy like the body's immune system. That protective energy, my freedom's immune system, is what I call our "Primordial Spirit Of Rebellion".