Monday, May 23, 2011

Episode-02: Conscious Mutation Rather Than Nuclear Victimization


This is a short podcast about the immense dangers and tragedies that we now face here on this beautiful blue green planet. I offer perspectives that might help while thinking about the dire situations that we all now live with.

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  This episode is about a positive philosophy of mutation and thrivalism.
 Don’t let these unfortunate events just happen to you.
 Take action, be prepared, get informed and become proactive.
 Don’t just hope to survive, aspire to thrive.

 Thrivalism is our way to a future worth living in.

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 ° Aaron Franz: 

  Producer of the documentary film
  The Age of    Transitions

 ° James Corbett:
   Of The Corbett Report.

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Thanks to their generous sharing the following musical creations have appeared in this podcast.

Hindu Kush
By...  Liquid Frame

 From Cremona, Italy
 In existence since : 01.1998

°India Steppa 7
By...  Phoniandflore

From Nantes, France
In existence since : 05.2008

°Dub Fresh
By ... Frostafari
From San Diego, United States
In existence since : 05.2008

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